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As every year since I know myself, September was one of the most hectic months. I love September, but I never have the time to show my love as it goes away in a blink. I am born in September, school starts in September, the elegant autumn smiles in September, grapes are ripen in September, yelowish leaves are all over and the air smells so good in September. If that was not enough, September brought with it the puff pastry challenge and I am for ever

In my previous post, i said something about being busy with some mysterious affair :). As the mystery turned out better than I have ever expected, I am ready to share it with everybody. On Friday, I took part in an International Cooking Contest. You had to choose your section (I was part of the dessert section), prepare whatever you wanted to show to the jury and impress them :). I prepared a series of desserts and they were all impressed that an amateur was able to

Recipes and photos to be blogged are getting more and more numerous and I feel sadder and sadder that I just can't find the time to post all that I have prepared. And September does not seem to allow me more time for my little blog, but at least there will be some events that I am looking forward to: my baby goes to school next Monday (she is not a baby anymore), I will have my birthday at the end of the month and on